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Area Characterization
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Area Characterization with the Hawk-Eye System.

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Area Characterization with the Hawk-Eye System.

Itri Corporation uses an area characterization system known as the Hawk-Eye Remote Sensing System.

The Hawk-Eye System has been in operational use as an environmental characterization tool since March of 2006.

Hawk-Eye observations include near-real time geo-rectified visual and thermal image data from the UAV or the mast mount imagers. The UAV also has a capability to measure flight-level air temperature, pressure, relative humidity, and winds for high fidelity meteorological modeling.

The Hawk-Eye System consists of several integrated subsystems:

  • An aerial platforms consisting of small best-of-breed work class UAVs.
  • An aerial observing platform/instrument deck mounted on a telescoping mast.
  • A high-fidelity visual and mid-IR imaging subsystem mounted in/on the appropriate observing platform.
  • A micro meteorological sensor operated on the UAV for flight level temp/humidity/pressure/wind data.
  • A navigation & control, and a processing and data visualization subsystem for real time collection, processing, and geo-rectification of data/imagery.
  • A data fusion and dissemination subsystem for immediate visualization and transmission of results via the internet.
Work-class UAVs

Work-class UAVs
Mast Mounts

Mast Mount

Met Sensor

Met Sensor
Control & Processing

Control & Processing

Itri Corporation continues to develop capability into the Hawk-Eye System.

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