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There Are No Boundaries When Enthusiasm And Excitement Are Applied To The Task At Hand
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Consulting & Services
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Solutions are the focus as we provide the services and technologies to help our partners meet their objectives.

Environmental and Spatial Data Mining, Management and Access:

We are expert in mining data (especially temporal data), cataloging it, accessing, and conditioning it for use.

We bring temporal (weather, resource tracking, traffic and beach/surf cameras) data and information to the "classic" static geographic data that are feeding geographic information systems applications today.

    • Applying a Virtual Data Center approach to your information needs.
    • Implementing a customized temporal and spatial information system to fit your application.
    • Accessing and interacting with your decision tools across a local WAN and thru the Internet.

Information Technology (IT) Design, Web Development, and Support Services:

We design and implement information technology systems and networks; utilize the latest web development and web service technologies to help facilitate the dissemination, delivery, and display of information and data; and provide expert support to ensure operational integrity and reliability.

Our web services, cloud computing environment, and web applications visually enhances the presentation of our partners and clients online presence and help improve business efficiency by integrating important functionality into web services and web applications on the Internet.

Hawk-Eye Systems Engineering and Development :

We design and implement unique remote and in-situ remote sensing technology.

We develop and mature unique remote sensing techniques and applications.

We Make Ideas Happen.

Well thought out goals, even the most ambitious ones, are attainable if the persons involved have a clear understanding of their intent, the environment they are operating in, and available resources are applied in a disciplined approach.

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