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About ItriCorp

About ItriCorp
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Itri Corporation was founded in 1998 as a Virginia S-Corporation.

Itri Corporation (ItriCorp) is a small privately owned S-Corporation headquartered in Haymarket, VA.

ItriCorp developed the Hawk-Eye™ Remote Sensing and System and other Information Systems to facilitate the technical management of enterprise systems. Hawk-Eye Systems are sold and maintained by the company and ItriCorp, through our operational divisions, offers services and consulting associated with the exploitation of our Hawk-Eye™ Systems.

ItriCorp operates three divisions (Turf-Vu, Crop-Vu, and Building-Vu) providing special consulting and services with our Hawk-Eye™ Systems.

Ambitious goals are attained when you pursue them with vigor.

Our first product, cyber-access (Internet kiosks in coffee shops), was deployed in 1999.

In 2002 We completed development of "Ambiente™" which is our web-enabled, temporal and spatial information system.

In 2004 We started our consulting and services businesses.

In 2006 We completed development of the Hawk-Eye™ Remote Sensing System deployed in an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and established a Strategic Partnership with Agrarius LLC (

In 2008 We upgraded and improved the Hawk-Eye™ Remote Sensing System so that it could be deployed in a small trucks and work vehicles for very high fidelity remote sensing for farmers and building facilities managers.

In January 2011, Agrarius LLC merged into ItriCorp. The Agrarius lines of business are operating as Crop-Vu, Turf-Vu, and Building-Vu. ItriCorp took on the continued upgrade and improvement of Hawk-Eye Remote Sensing and Information Systems.

In March 2014 ItriCorp completed a Hawk-Eye™ upgrade to allow for the direct measurement and extraction of image temperatures observed by the Hawk-Eye System via the internet.

In September 2014 ItriCorp completed development of the Stress Index derived from the direct measurement of canopy temperatures.

In September 2015 ItriCorp completed validation trials of the Stress Index and applied it to alerting stress for acuating turfgrass fans for golf course turf management.

Itri Corporation operates in three business areas:

Consulting and Development Services - Solutions are our focus as we provide the services and technologies to help our partners meet their objectives. We believe that well thought out needs and goals (even the most ambitious ones) are attainable when approached in a disciplined manner. We help our partners understand their needs, the environment they are operating in, and then assist them in applying their available resources in a systems engineering approach to obtain their desired results.

Area Characterization Services – We deploy and operate the Hawk-Eye™ System and/or segments of the system to image and describe an areas, in in very high fidelity, for our customers.

Products – We use our knowledge and experiences gained in working with our partners and customers to develop and build out products designed to make work easier and safer.

  • Hawk-Eye – The Hawk-Eye™ System consists of cameras and other remote sensors that are mounted in/on best of breed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and/or Surface Vehicles (eg. trucks and ATVs) fitted with telescoping masts, a ground based mobile command/control/communications subsystem, and a data processing and dissemination sub-system (Ambiente™). Hawk-Eye observations include near-real time geo-rectified visual and IR image data and flight-level air temperature, pressure, and winds for high fidelity modeling that is useful in a wide range of applications. The aerial vehicles have mass margin for the addition of other sensors. Our customers use the Hawk-Eye™ Systems to support their operations and for Research and Development of new aerial sensors for small UAS and for technique development.
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