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Hawk-Eye™ Remote Sensing Systems

See it - Measure it - Manage it

24/7, 365

on-site and/or across the internet it is always working for you

Hawk-Eye™ provides automated Imagery when you want see & ALERTS when you want to know

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Hawk-Eye™ Systems are built to address your needs.

Hawk-EyeTM s

Your Hawk-Eye™ is operated by you or left to operate autonomously, when and where you need it, for real-time imaging, data acquisition, and special event alerting.

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We are now offering small Personal Thermal Cameras on-linefor under $300.

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Since 2004, ItriCorp has pioneered applications of very high fidelity thermal image data through the design and deployment of the Hawk-Eye™ Remote Sensing System.  The System collects thermal and visual imagery of a subject area over extended periods of time. Meteorological and other pertinent data are integrated in the cloud for real-time visualization and computation of useful operational and management indices.  All images, data, and indices are accessed via standard web browsers on desktop and mobile devices for describing, in high temporal and spatial resolution, your area of interest. Some have called the Hawk-Eye™ System a satellite-on-a-stick.

The Hawk-Eye Remote Sensing System consists of:

An observing platform/instrument deck mounted on a stationary mast/pole/tree, mobile telescoping mast, or on a small best-of-breed work class Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)

A high-fidelity far-Infrared (8-14 micron) and a visual/near-infraed imaging subsystem mounted in/on the appropriate observing platform with pan/tilt functionality if needed

24/7/365 imaging for realtime wi-fi access and control in the field, realtime online access and control from anywhere via internet

Cloud based image and other data archive accessed via temporal and other data parameterized searches

A micro meteorological sensor operated on the UAS for flight level temp/humidity/pressure/wind data. Ground/field based micro meteorological systems are also available

Mobile Hawk-Eye™ Systems - are easy to set-up and operate. The pan/tilt camera features can be controled and viewed in the field or by a collaborator via internet. Temperature retrievals are associated with all thermal images and can be accomplished in the field and remotely via the internet connection.

Stationary Hawk-Eye™ Systems - can be set-up for 24/7 extractions of image data from the system to the web so that the data can be accessed anytime/anywhere via the Internet. It can also be accessed by wireless (802.11) link when a user is near the Hawk-Eye System set-up in the field.

All Hawk-Eye™ Systems Come With Installation and Training Support:

Operator and maintenance training on delivery.
Routine tech support by phone and on-site support if needed.
Refresher and new operator training.


These Divisions of ItriCorp use Hawk-Eye™ Imaging Systems.

Building-Vu Crop-Vu Turf-Vu®

Galileo Galilee pointed out that progress in the physical sciences proceeds in three steps: observation of a natural phenomenon, formulation of a hypothesis to explain the phenomenon, and experiments to test the hypothesis.

Scientific progress is achieved when new observations of natural phenomena become available.

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