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Our Business:
The Itri Corporation Team is known for working with our partners to apply technology to solve problems and to provide our clients increased effectiveness and efficiency in thier operations.

Our Business

Our Business
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Consulting & Development Services:

Solutions are the focus as we provide the services and technologies to help our partners meet their objectives.

Itri Corporation provides technical management and advice and the services associated with the application of information technologies and data management and conditioning techniques.

Area Characterization Services:

Data collection and analysis are the focus.

Itri Corporation provides area collection and analysis services that support sustainable agriculture and turf-grass pursiuits, building thermography for energy efficiency and building shell maintenence, and for more complete understandings of the operational environment.


We develop and implement information and decision support tools and unique remote sensing systems.

Hawk-Eye Remote Sensing System - aka Hawk-Eye:

Our Hawk-Eye Remote Sensing System is a unique traveling laboratory and operational UAS. The Hawk-Eye system provides all of the information you need to be effective, registered in time and location so that you can see it, understand it, and act on it.

Get the Hawk's Eye View of the job you have at hand.

EFAS - Ensemble Forecast Application System:

Weather and ocean ensembles are distilled into a forecast that has a familiar deterministic look and feel for the forecast consumer, and it fits into existing forecast products and decision aids.

Ambiente™ - aka the Environment:

Ambiente, integrates and fuses a wide range of sensors, modeled data, other information into a temporal and spatial geographic information system, and applies expert knowledge concerning an enterprise. All of the information you need to be effective is registered in time and location, so that you can see it, understand it, and act on it. Ambiente is basis of the information archive in a Hawk-Eye System.

Task and Work Process Tracker:

ItriWare's Task and Work Process Tracker enables work order generation and work process tracking between our customer's work centers across the web.


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